Writers in Education : PENPOWER

PENPOWER is an exciting and groundbreaking project for young people (teens to twenties) which aims to raise awareness of freedom of expression and its central role in a democratic society.

It offers young people opportunities for debate, as well as improving their writing and research skills. It contributes to education for citizenship as it raises awareness of the role of writers and journalists in society.

PENPOWER is administered by Scottish PEN with help from the National Union of Journalists.

The Scottish Centre of International PEN is leading the world in bringing freedom of expression issues to the young. Ours is the first fully developed programme designed to stimulate discussion, encourage involvement and initiate creative projects on the subject of free speech.

Our trainers are writers, journalists, novelists, poets and playwrights who are all committed to creating a just and equal society. We believe that training should be fun. Robin Lloyd-Jones, our project leader, has created Zoravia, The Freedom Game, a board game which illustrates what can happen to writers under an oppressive regime and how international pressure can make a difference.

We run workshops for 4th, 5th and 6th formers, college and university students, young offenders, youth groups or any other group of young people interested in freedom of expression.

We also offer training courses for teachers and trainee teachers, youth workers and other educators of young people who would like to benefit from our experience of working with these issues.

To find out more, contact Robin Lloyd-Jones at robinlj34@yahoo.com

Or you can contact Scottish Pen at info@scottishpen.org or through our contact page where you will also find our address.

Freedom is never an achieved state; like electricity, we’ve got to keep generating it or the lights go out.

Wayne LaPierre