WiP Committee adopts Burmese comedian


Zaranga: It's not funny...

Maung Thura, otherwise known as Zaranga, is not only a poet but one of Burma’s leading comedians whose satires on the government resulted in a previous detention. In June 2008 he led a private effort to deliver aid to Cyclone Nargis’ victims and gave a radio interview to foreign news groups criticising the government’s slow response. He was charged with violating the Electronics Act which regulates electronic communications and was sentenced to 45 years in prison. To this was added another 14 years for further supposed crimes, making a total sentence of 59 years. This was later reduced to 35 years. Zaranga is held in Myitkyina Prison in a remote northern area of Myanmar. His health has deteriorated and he is denied full family visiting rights.

Appeals should be sent to:

Senior General Than Shwe
Chairman, State Peace and Development Council
c/o Ministry of Defence,
Union of Myanmar

(form of salutation/address: Dear General)

Also, please send a copy of your appeal to the Burmese Embassy in London:

HE Dr Kyaw Win
Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
19A Charles Street
London W1J 5DX

(form of salutation: Your Excellency)

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