May 2011 Issue of New Writing now on-line


PENning Courage, the May 2011 issue of our on-line magazine, New Writing, is now on-line and may be viewed at We are now open for submissions for our November 2011 issue. The theme of our next issue is PENning Steps and the deadline is 30 September 2011.

Please email submissions (up to three poems of not more than fifty lines each or one prose piece of not more than 2000 words). The theme may be interpreted in any number of ways but it should be the central theme of the work submitted.

Submissions may be in any language provided that they are accompanied by a translation into English or Scots (the author's or the work of another writer). Collaborations with those writing in other languages very welcome.

Submissions (which may have been previously published) should be emailed to using the entry form below. If you are unable to download the form please ensure that you include with your submission:

details of your eligibility to submit: you must be either a refugee, asylum
seeker or other person whose first language is not English, Scots or Gaelic
currently living in Scotland or a current member of Scottish PEN.
details of where the submitted work has been previously published, if
a brief (not more than 100 words) biography

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